Thursday, May 28, 2015

lentil tacos + trails + yard work = the weekend

on sunday afternoon i was wondering what i should make for dinner. i was going through a list of things in my head that sounded good and what i had in my fridge to make it with. of course, tacos were on the list. duh. and then i remembered i had some cooked lentils in the fridge and i decided those would make the perfect meat for my tacos! they turned out super delicious. here's the low down:

i put these lentils in a pot and added a can of fire roasted tomatoes, a large spoonful of tomato paste and a little bit of water and heated on low heat. for seasoning i added generous amounts of whole cumin seeds, chili powder, cheyenne pepper, sea salt, pepper and an amazing homemade taco seasoning my neighbor gave to me.

in a frying pan i heated about a teaspoon of refined coconut oil and added a chopped onion, 4 gloves of minced garlic and a chopped jalapeno and sauteed until they were tender.

on hand i had an avocado, some fresh cilantro, green onions and olives. so i cut those up to put on top.

in the oven i heated on medium broil some corn tortillas that a brushed with olive oil and seasoned with the taco seasoning. i let them get warm and just barely crispy.

put the lentil mixture in your tortilla, then put the sauteed veggies, then your avocados and such on the top. we put fire roasted salsa on too. et viola! 

total food improvisation success! just ask o.

over the weekend i made it up to lake blanche saturday morning. there were barely a handful of people on the trail and i was at the lake alone for a bit while i sat there and ate my apple. it was foggy and chilly and so pretty. and i made it up to dog lake on monday morning:) 

we went out with a group of friends for indian food on friday night and on saturday night we went to dinner and to see pitch perfect 2 with mel, mo, justin and nathan.

we did a ton of yard work too. we got some new sod put in where we took the fence down and some seed down and it looks like a huge improvement already.

anyway...toodles for now.



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  1. Oooh. Yum. We are going to try those lentils. Thanks for sharing!