Friday, May 15, 2015

^ F R I D A Y ^

oh hey! it's been a while...

i was pretty sick last weekend. i was ok on friday until evening and then, well lets just say my time was spent moving from the bed to the bathroom and back again for a couple of days. lunch was served for a meeting we had a work friday and i must have eaten something that caused a flare up for me. not cool. i know better. i should have packed a lunch. stupid stupid stupid. the misery continued half way through the week. i started to feel a little better by wednesday afternoon. i was so miserable at work monday and tuesday. my poor co-workers.

o took me for a drive up little cottonwood canyon saturday night. it was snowing and the the clouds were sitting on the cliffs and we just cruised and listened to music.

so i had run on friday morning and then not again until wednesday after work when i hit the trails behind red butte. it was sunny and i felt energetic. i am hoping to get up a mountain tomorrow morning in the wet and cold!

we are tearing down a fence that runs along our driveway this weekend. it is long past due and our neighborhood cleanup is monday and we can just throw it to the curb instead of going to the dump. run on sentence.

i am taking kimberly to dinner tonight. i am looking forwarding to catching up because we haven't been able to connect for a couple of weeks. i will be very picky about what goes in my mouth;)

purity ring has a new album out. o and i are going to hear them perform at the depot on monday night. live music!

there are a couple of things i am looking forward to...a backpacking trip in june with all of my siblings down near zion! east fork of the virgin. o and i have done it before and it is awesome! we have been wanting to go back. it is beautiful and there are some cool side canyons down in there. and i am planning to pace my brother-in-law brad at the leadville 100 for some miles this august. i am thinking of taking a little time off from running right now for a bit because i am having a significant amount of pain in my left calf muscle and shin. i have been icing it a lot, but it needs rest i think.

i have a new spot/lesion that has popped up on my left leg. it's been there for about 4 weeks. i am waiting to see if it goes away. please please please go away! my neck is healing up pretty nicely.

 remember, someone else has worse problems than you do. and also, don't be a hater.

toodles for now lovers.



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  1. To quote Shakespeare... "Out out damn spot!" :) I hope it goes away....