Thursday, April 16, 2015

goings on round here

i went up mount olympus on saturday morning. it was the hardest time i've had going up that mountain. i pushed myself too hard to go too fast both up and down and it destroyed my quads for days. i should have eased into something that steep a little slower, but i still thoroughly enjoyed myself. i mean, i was on a mountain!
kimberly and i went out for lunch and a movie saturday afternoon.
and saturday night we bbq'd with the neighbors and played cards.

 i had my procedure done yesterday morning at huntsman. the doctor said he got it "clean as a whistle." the longest part was the suturing. it took them about 40 minutes. they had to do a deep layer because they take tissue down to the fat and then a layer of sutures on top to close up the skin. its just over an inch long. it hurts pretty bad today, so i am just icing it and taking it easy. can't move my head around real good with the huge bandage on my neck. they had to shave a little bit of my hair. oh ya, i went for a very snowy run early in the morning before. i love running in the snow.

the fireplace redo is all finished. it is beautiful! i am very happy with the way it turned out. they also got the tub refinish done yesterday.

my plants in the entryway are blooming like crazy. i love it.

well, i hope all is well in your universe.




  1. Sounds like a very busy time! Glad to hear the procedure went well and your fireplace looks stunning!

  2. Such beautiful pictures! Gorgeous fireplace! You have impeccable taste. I am glad the procedure went well, and glad to hear that you're resting... sort of. LOL. Take it easy. *hugs*