Friday, April 10, 2015

^^^ F R I D A Y ^^^


always moving...something i understand.

something to make you smile. because, the rock. my boyfriend.

i'm glad the work week is almost over!
i got my moh's procedure scheduled. not looking forward to that.
so, the weekend. i am going up a mountain in the morning! maybe mount olypmus? maybe bells canyon? haven't decided.
kimberly and i are going to go to dinner and catch a movie. she wants to give sushi a try and see insurgent. so that's plan.
o and i have some work to get done and we are going to watch unbroken finally and eat some thai food.
oh ya, we watched interstellar last night. it was trippy my friends. we liked it!
i also had myself a nice ride on whitey last night and i got my new twinkle lights hung on the back porch. gettin ready for it to be warm enough to eat dinner alfresco!

hope your weekend is adventurous and sexy and sunny and filled with dark chocolate. be nice!



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