Tuesday, April 7, 2015


i saw my oncologist last thursday for a follow up to check the progress of my lymphoma treatment. i walked over to huntsman, got naked, had my exam and my doctor asked me if i wanted to take a break from the treatment. hell's ya! then we had to do another biopsy to check a spot on the back of my neck. and off i went feeling pretty damn happy that i may be able to run without my inner thighs lighting on fire and bleeding. it's the little things.

well, that biopsy turned out to be a type of carcinoma. yes, you heard me correctly. my first reaction was to laugh out loud. and i did. i couldn't help it. then i felt pissed and i was thinking how it is total bullshit that the treatment for one cancer gives you a cancer of a different kind! then i felt relieved that it wasn't on my freaking face! i will be having a procedure called moh's procedure. it will be performed by a moh's surgeon at huntsman and it sounds super duper fun.

so, i will get it done and move onward and upward! things can always be worse. things are pretty good all things considered.

keep on keepin on is what i always say.

toodles for now lovers.


your favorite freak of nature / cyr

ps if i have any skin left by the time i turn 40, it will be a bloody miracle


  1. What in the actual hell!!! I'm so sorry. I have no words. This is just bullshit, plain and simple. Please keep us updated and let us know if there's anything at all that we can do. If you hold a fast, we want to be involved. Love you!

  2. Coco's mention of a fast is a great idea! Let me know when you want us to fast together and I will tell your brothers, sisters, grandpa's etc. Love you now and always💝

  3. Darn. I added a cute emoji of a heart but it didn't show right.