Monday, March 23, 2015

san rafael // crack canyon

finally a few pictures from our quick overnight trip to the desert. we drove down on saturday afternoon. i was super busy in the am running with vic and making food for and attending a church function. i ran in the door, changed my clothes, we loaded up the car and off we went! 

we drove through the desert to the mouth of crack canyon where we camped under the tall, pink cliffs for the night. o hiked there often with his mom and brothers when he was young and was feeling like making a visit. we cooked some dinner and stared at the stars. in the morning i went for a run. when i got back, we hiked crack canyon. it's pretty and easy and anyone can hike it. take your kiddos! when we were done we headed into green river and shared us a burger at ray's tavern because, we always have to stop and eat at ray's. then home. it was fab.

the end.



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