Monday, March 30, 2015

new orleans | photo overload

i went to new orleans for a few days for an eROP meeting. i do all the imaging for the university of utah and primary children's medical center for retinopathy of prematurity and am the certified imager for the eROP study. anyway, had some time do some exploring...

we walked to one of many cemeteries because we were curious. the oldest grave we found that we could read was 1770. it was a super cool place to take photos. a few of the graves were pretty creepy.

in the windows. lots of cool art galleries and street performers on royal street. i had to shorten this video a lot to make it fit, but you get the idea!

bourbon street. need i say more. once was enough for me.

we had to go to cafe du monde so my friends could try a beignet! they were making yummy sounds so i am assuming they were delicious! 

just a few random scenes while walking around mostly the french quarter. we stayed at the ritz carlton on canal street, so everything was really close and the hotel was fabulous.

one evening we at brennan's and it was fantastic! i recommend it if you are going to new orleans. get the chocolate mousse. wow! and the japanese amberjack crudo pictured above was to die for! so was the fillet and bananas. the evening we arrived we went out for dinner and i can't remember the name of the place, but i had blackened red fish and it was really good.

the trolley on st charles is the oldest running trolley system in the world! we went for a ride of course!

getting home was a nightmare. our flight leaving new orleans on friday afternoon left a half hour late causing us to miss our connecting flight in miami. we had to stay the night and catch a flight on saturday morning with a long layover in dallas then home. four airports, three airplanes and almost 24 hours later. worst.

anyway, that's the trip report.  toodles for now.



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