Sunday, March 1, 2015


what a week. oh man, i am glad it is coming to an end. here are a few things we have been up to lately...

installing a tank less water heater

repairing the boiler

(ya, those were all owen)

ladies card night at my house

having kimberly in our home doing homework and helping me make dinner. she laughs a lot when she is with us and it is very contagious!

running. my longest run so far was the 6 miles i ran with vic. i am slowly building up distance on my morning runs.

i am heading to idaho with a bunch of my childhood girlfriends this afternoon. we are staying at my grandpa's house tonight! he is in for a sleepless night, but he has a big house with lots of beds to accommodate the 8 of us! we have 2 girlfriends who live near each other in idaho, which is why we are headed there. we are going to dinner tonight. tomorrow we are hopefully sleeping in and then we are making brunch. basically eat, talk, laugh, repeat.

happy happy weekend!



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