Wednesday, February 18, 2015

red hot race + corona arch = part I of a weekend in moab

brad coming into the finish. he didn't have a good race day:-(

rob krar running to the finish

o didn't end up coming to moab with me last weekend. he decided at the last minute to stay home and get several projects done on the house. he would have come had i been racing. even if my foot would have let me, the treatment i am on for the lymphoma has caused some painful problems that would have made for an extremely miserable time anyway. i ran 4 miles on saturday morning when i got up and it was not pleasant. i need to figure some way of bandaging the area so i can run without making it bleed.

anyway...i headed down friday morning and met up with angie and her family and friends. friday evening we went and picked up race packets and had dinner. i made angie share my big hotel room and king size bed with me for the weekend. i was already feeling bummed out and didn't want to stay alone. each night after everyone was in bed, we came to my room and made tea with honey and watched some episodes of shows on the kindle.

saturday we cheered at the finish line! me, angie, rowan, harper, happy, mateo, grace and john. after our 3 racers finished, we hiked to corona arch. the weather was amazing. then grub and of course all the kiddos made a splash in the hot tub. angie, john and i had some fun after everyone else was fast asleep;-)

happy hump day and toodles for now!



ps don't give up!

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