Thursday, February 19, 2015

moab part II

sunday we all hiked the negro bill trail to morning glory arch. then we went out for lunch. after lunch we went climbing until it got dark and of course, headed for more grub! it was a good day. the weather was pretty much awesome all weekend. monday morning i grabbed a smoothie and hit the road to home. i picked up kimberly as soon as i got home and she came over to spend the rest of the day with o and i and we had dinner at our place with our neighbors. she has been spending more time at our house lately. she comes over to do her homework and have dinner. i love it.

on friday night when we were eating at eddie's we were sitting next to rob krar's table and he stopped to chat with us for a couple of minutes on his way out which i thought was totally cool of him.

anyway... toodles for now lovers.



ps if utah were a person, i would marry it.

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  1. COOL, COOL photos. I am SO, SO jealous. What a RAD, RAD place...OK I'll stop. I was going to do one more guys are so cool. Some of those deserve to be printed on canvas and hung up.