Friday, February 6, 2015


 cranes // because i think they are awesome

scented nail polish // because o surprised me with it to cheer me up after i broke my stupid toe.

 squirrel food // no seriously, a girls gotta have her seeds and nuts organized!

my nephew quinn // carrying my large, awkward purchase to the car

holy shit. i have been taking so long in between posts i can't remember what i have told you and what i haven't. aaannndd, you probably don't care! i will tell you anyway.

i started my new cancer drug just over a week ago. so, that's been super fun.

i started running again this week. short, slow and light. my toe is still super swollen and painful, but it's time to start running again. 

i went on a long hike with vickie and her pooch last saturday morning.

i had company at my house from last wednesday until monday. my dad stayed from wed to saturday because he has been installing a kitchen in salt lake and my sister-in-law kara and my nephews quinn and trevor stayed with us from saturday to monday. on saturday kimberly and i met up with kara and the boys when they arrived for lunch at vinto. then we spent the afternoon shopping to find quinn some stylin clothes to wear to prom. i purchased some fab new shoes and picked up a floor lamp i ordered from west elm. then we picked up o and went to dinner and came back and watched a movie. i think kimberly had a great time! on sunday we made nachos and watched the super bowl. 

work has been super busy for me this week. i have been from the nicu's, to the operating room and i have imaged instruments on the copy stand and done some action shots in the pediatric clinic for a presentation being given in indonesia next week. so lots of variation which is awesome, but the editing and file management is super time consuming.

i am so ready for the weekend. 

toodles for now lovers.



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