Tuesday, January 13, 2015

january // meh

dear january,

you are not the best of months.



2015 is not off to a stellar start. things have not been going all that well for me these days.

i missed most of the work week last week. it was miserable, but i survived.

i am not running. my last run was 3 weeks and 3 days ago. i am still no impact for one more week and then i can start running at 75 percent of my body weight at the orthopedic center and gradually build up over weeks to regular running. my right foot pain turned out to be periostitis and marrow edema. glad for no fracture, but moab red hot race in february is out. a total disappointment to me because it is my favorite race of the year. i always look forward to running it again the second i cross the finish line.

i have been working hard to keep my fitness, but my foot is on the small scale of things wrong with my body right now. i see my oncologist this week. it is likely i will start a new treatment per the last discussion we had. the one where he told me i wouldn't like him very much once he started me on it.

i haven't tolerated the large dose of iron i have been on for my anemia well at all. it had to be cut way back. the down side to that is the long amount of time it will take to get my low levels back up.

so, it can only be onward and upward from here right?! that's what i'm counting on so bring it! i will face it all with the best attitude i can. i will just pretend like january never happened. okeedokee.

on new year's eve we went bowling with some of our neighbors. o beat me on one of the games and he was pretty excited about it! then we all went home and after the kiddos were fast asleep, the grown ups played cards into the wee hours.

i went snowshoeing on new years day up in big cottonwood canyon.

i put the ham bone from christmas in to slow cook on new year's eve and it cooked all night and all day on new years and we had joey, lehua and the boys over for a candle lit dinner of ham hock and bean soup(i used anasazi beans from new mexico), salad, pistachio gelato with toasted coconut and dark chocolate and some yummy little egg nog steamers. we had our dessert in the basement while we watched a loud movie.

the moran holiday party was held at the zermatt resort in midway this year on january 3rd. we had dinner and danced and spent the night. the next morning a few of us went to breakfast in park city.

so, some bad and some good. that's life right! now we are sort of caught up.

toodles for now lovers. hope your 2015 is off to a good start!



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