Thursday, January 22, 2015

chewed up and spit out // but, still plugging along!

i had biopsies number 9 and 10 at my oncology visit last thursday. funny story...the biopsies were made way up at the top of my right leg on the inside by my groin. ya, way up there. i have to get naked for these appointments except for some panties. i think they just let me keep those on so i can feel like i have kept some dignity because they have to pull those up, down, out and every which way in order see my ass and every other part. they are nice like that;-) anyway, i spent most of my appointment spread eagle with 3 dudes examining, marking, photographing, injecting, cutting and suturing next to my nether region! it is my job to keep it light, so we talked snowshoeing and all was well in the world. good thing i'm not shy.

i will be starting 3rd line of treatment which is an anti neoplastic drug. isn't it so damn cool with today's technology and developments in medical science that some of these agents can target just the cancerous cells? i think so.

i think it is key to keep a good sense of humor and a positive attitude about things. the alternative blows. that isn't to say that some days i am not thinking, eff this. believe me i feel sorry for myself sometimes. i'm human. i have it pretty damn good though.

i spent tuesday at home throwing up and stuff. wah.

i did this to my little pig yesterday morning. and yes, this is the same foot that has kept from running for 5 weeks now. i tell ya...

guess what though? i get to start running on the alterg treadmill this week at the orthopedic center! woot! i could not be more excited to start running again.

my little, kimberly, turned 16! we will be doing a bit of celebrating with her this weekend.

mel and i got to catch up with a couple of our favorite people recently. our friend julia was visiting from new york city with her little family for some skiing at solitude. she came into town to meet us for dinner at pago. so delicious. plus, she is one of my most favorite gals on the planet. also, we got hang out with our friend akbar for a bit a couple of weeks ago. double bonus is that he has moved back to salt lake from new york city and will be an attending here at the moran eye center!

we have a few house projects and little additions we have been working on lately. i need to snap a few photos. i will. promise.

i want to see meru film at sundance really bad. tickets are probably sold out. jimmy chin, renan ozturk, taylor rees and conrad anker are some some of my favorite people to follow on instagram.

lots of good and some bad.

it's almost the weekend again. finish out your week with a bang! and be nice. smile at the homeless person and say hi. chances are you wouldn't last a second in their shoes.




  1. I wish I had something witty and clever to say here or alternatively something profound. Truth be told, I just don't have either. All I have is I love you, kid! And so sorry about that pig.

  2. Be nice to your little piggy's - you have enough stuff going on without abusing them!

    Amazing experiences - amazing attitude! You are loved:)