Tuesday, January 27, 2015


kimberly turned 16! a good excuse to celebrate all weekend! o and i took her to dinner at flatbread on saturday night and then we made a stop at whole foods for some treats before we headed to the house for some lounging and movie watching. the original plan was to go to the movie after dinner, but the inter web time didn't match up with actual movie time. so when we got to the theater it was a no go. hate it when that happens. kimberly was so darn gracious about it. she said, "that's ok. let's just go to your house and watch a movie." we continued the celebrating on sunday afternoon. i picked her up around 3:00 to come to the house. we turned on some music and the three of us cooked up a storm! we made o's famous flour less chocolate cake and o wore his super man apron. we made heather's (o's late mama) amazing creamy mushroom sauce to pour over rice and the pork tenderloin that had been slow roasting since early that morning! we had some sweet butternut squash with it too. she helped with all of it!

we dished up our plates and headed down to the family room for another movie. then we had cake and ice cream and tea.

when i took her home she told me how perfect everything was. that she loved everything. and she said "thank you so much" over and over. it was very cute.

in other news

i got to hit the trail walking with my gal vickie. thank goodness! we needed to talk. she is one of my soul mates. i swear i knew her in my previous life;)

o and i had what seemed like a million errands to run on saturday. one of them was to make a super fun purchase though. we bought tile for the fireplace! we are finally having it redone. hope it turns out the way i am envisioning it.

i haven't started running on the alterg yet because my stupid freaking toe hurts too bad and is still super swollen. i feel sorrow for myself today. bleh.

o is going to get the lovely pleasure of pulling the sutures out of my groin tonight. oh baby!

toodles for now.



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