Friday, December 12, 2014

thanksgiving 2014 // picture overload

i know. ancient history...
vickie and i ran in the turkey trot race in city creek canyon on thanksgiving morning. we a had a great time and vickie came in first place in her age group. woot! go vic!

after the race, i drove down to st george where everyone was trying to wait patiently for me to arrive so they could eat! the started without me and i don't blame them! all of my siblings, their kids and my parents were there. that is the first time we were all together in a long time. minus owen. he flew down on saturday. he had to work :'(

the weather was amazing. we hiked, ran trail, rode motorcycles and bikes, ate a lot, stayed up way too late and cruised in cory's winnebago! all of my siblings and i escaped for a bit and and took the big boy for a spin and i drove! on the freeway!

my sister, angie, made the most amazing gluten/dairy free chocolate pecan pie! i shit you not, it may have brought a tear to my eye and new fat cells to my thighs.

some of these pictures were taken with my phone and some with my sisters phones.

have a fabulous weekend lovers!  toodles for now...



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