Tuesday, December 30, 2014

christmas 2014

we celebrated christmas with o's dad and his 3 brothers and their families the night before chistmas eve. dinner, the christmas story, presents...the whole shebang! o's brother gave me a milk frother and i love it! i use it every morning to make my almond or coconut milk foamy and perfectly warm. mmm. have you guys tried this? it is so so good! i like to thin it with regular, unsweetened coconut milk and warm it in my little machine:-)

christmas eve morning we packed up and headed to the cabin. i was beyond excited to get there! when we arrived, we were picked up by our cabin neighbors with the snow cat. they hauled us and all of our stuff in one trip! gus road up on the snowmobile with my dad just like he has for last 10 years. his first cabin christmas he was just more than 8 weeks old!

 we woke on christmas morning to lots of fresh new snow and pretty icicles.

 gus helped with the unwrapping of the gifts.

my mom and i had some serious puzzle time.

we watched movies, ate delicious food, snowshoed, rode the snowmobiles, wrestled with gus in the snow and lazed about. it was quite fabulous.

it was a quiet christmas with just us, my parents and pooches. christmas at the cabin is magical!

hope your christmas was magical too. toodles for now.



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