Monday, December 22, 2014

all things christmasy

i whipped up some cookies for o to take to work and for me to take over to mel and mo's place for movie and game night with justin and nathan. apparently they are pretty tasty. i didn't make them so i could have any. i wanted people to actually enjoy them;-)

 finally got the neighbor deliveries made.

we went to dinner with joey, lehua, micah and noble durning the week and then we drove around to see christmas lights. christmas street in sugar house was so festive and fun. the kids made us go up and down twice!

o and i took my little, kimberly to the ballet on saturday night to see the nutcracker. funny story: we left the house at five o'clock to pick up kimberly and go eat dinner at the red iguana. we thought because it was early, we would be able to get dinner there and be to the theater on time. there was an hour wait. we left in search of a different and faster option. we found parking near squatters so we decided to just grab dinner there and walk over. then we realized we forgot the tickets because we left the house in a rush! kimberly and i went in to wait for a  table and o ran home for the tickets. we were running out of time! we decided to make a to go order. they brought out our food just as o pulled up to park the car again. i asked o why it took him so long. well, he grabbed the tickets from the kitchen counter and started heading back over and halfway there he realized he had only grabbed 2 of the tickets! he had to turn around and go back again. we had a picnic in the car with the heater on and christmas music playing. kimberly was highly amused by the whole situation;-) and we made it to our seats with time to spare! o said the experience would be more memorable this way. afterward she went with us to make our 12 days of christmas delivery.we only have three deliveries left! we picked up a big, yummy ham to leave on christmas eve.

i think i went on the last run i will be going on for a while with vic on saturday morning. i saw my sports medicine doctor last week and did some physical therapy. we were hoping it was a tendon overuse thing and that with some strengthening and less running it would get better and not be a stress fracture. it hurt worse than usual on the run saturday and by sunday the top of my foot had some swelling.  boo. i may not be running red hot in february after all. i hope that is not the case because it is my favorite race of the year. life will go on.

only one more day of work this week! then it's off to the snowy mountains!

toodles for now.



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