Tuesday, November 25, 2014

hi...and, put a white ribbon on today to support eliminating violence against women | november 25

 i went with other volunteers from moran eye center to do a free eye clinic on the navajo reservation in montezuma creek. we left right from work on friday night in three separate vehicles. thank goodness we were in a suburban because we hit a deer near monticello and it  really smashed up the front good. poor fella. anyway, we made it to blanding where we stayed for the night. it was a very long day. we all got up early and headed to the clinic where we did exams on over 100 patients. we had 2 physicians, 8 technicians and few others to make it happen. it was a good day and we were super busy! when we were finished we started the drive home. we stopped in moab for a break and some food at eddy mcstiff's. we got in at about midnight and o picked a few of us up and took us home. i was soooooooooooo tired. i took a hot shower and went to bed. hope i am invited to go again...
have you tried gluten freeda oatmeal? it is fast and fabulous for breakfast! it cooks up super thick. i cook mine with almond milk, and then i top it with things like raw coconut, raw pumpkin seeds, hemp seeds pecans, bananas, blueberries and cinnamon. breakfast is a ritual for me. i always run before breakfast and then i come in the door and take off my headlamp, hat gloves, jacket, socks and then i make two bowls of oatmeal. one for me. one for o. and we sit at the kitchen table and eat while the sun comes up. and then, off to work! i shower first of course:-)
mmmm. o picked up some sashimi grade tuna at trader joe's on saturday and we seared it and had with black rice on sunday for dinner. it was delicious!

o and i put up christmas on sunday afternoon! i know it is early, but i don't care. i bought those little kissing elves at the gift shop in huntsman when i went to my last appointment. aren't they cute? our house feels so festive and cozy.

it's a short work week. yay!



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