Thursday, November 6, 2014

happy full moon and such

it is too bad the republicans took the senate. it is also too bad how poor the voting turnout was. disappointing.'s thursday!  and a full moon!

the moon was amazing last night. my neighbor, ed, knocked on my front door when i got home and said, "i just want to make sure you see the moon tonight. look at it, it is amazing." made my day.

i am doing a 5 mile fun run with the my full mooners tonight. we get to wear glow stuff and lights. the salt lake running company is putting it on and it should be fun. i am going with vickie and mark and my gal mel is participating too!  

i have a date with my oncologist this afternoon. lucky me.

i am reading a new jodi picoult book. the pact. her books are fun to read.

i need to get in my kitchen and whip up some new recipes. foods gettin boring around here lately. though, i did make a good chana masala last week. 

and then there was this:

i was in the operating room imaging on tuesday and mel was waiting for me to come to lunch. oh man, i laughed so hard. #autocorrect #extrastoragespace

hope your day is smooth like butter! mmm butter, i wish i could eat butter. butter cream frosting.



ps is it just me or are a lot of blogs just becoming one big commercial? 

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