Tuesday, November 4, 2014

already november...

guys, i don't know what my problem is lately? i just have not been into taking pictures or blogging. boo. i will get back to it though.

i was in bed sick on halloween. i had a nightmare night with my stomach. i love halloween. so, before the 200(serious) tick or treat kids started arriving i threw on my wig and and my light up devil horns and got back in bed. then they started coming in droves so i walked down to christine's house and helped her hand out glow necklaces and candy. then i came home and went back to bed.

i was feeling much better on saturday so i headed out for a trail. i went up grandeur peak and am very happy to say that i felt speedy and light. on my way down, i clocked a 6:34 mile! yay for speed! but then my stomach was destroyed again for the rest of the day.

i took kimberly(my little) with me to park city in the afternoon so i could buy some new road shoes. neither of us were feeling too hot, but we had a great time. i had her laughing so hard on the way home. she is the best.

have you seen city ballet? i love stuff like this. there are 2 seasons. i am only on the 5th episode of the first season. they are short and sweet.

i need to go vote tonight after work. i wish i had done it earlier.

i love my cold morning runs.

if one more person makes a comment about the iphone siri when i introduce myself i may lose it.

making this is on the top of my to do list. drool.

i need to put fall fertilizer on my lawn. is it too late?

anyway, that's it for now lover.

toodles and xo,


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  1. Enjoyed your blog, it has been a while since I looked, I have fallen out of blogging, NO TIME. Sigh. Miss you tons!