Thursday, November 13, 2014

a good day

i had a good day on saturday. i woke up early and mosied in the morning making my tea and breakfast and then eating in my bed with the gilmore girls.. then i met up with vickie and we ran 8 miles on the shoreline trail in the glorious fall sunshine and we ran into lots of wolf spider coming out onto the trail to warm up in the sunshine. vic freaked! it was funny. next i took kimberly to a late lunch. we didn't have anything planned. it was spontaneous and fun. we laughed a lot and went out for fabulous dessert afterward at city cakes. and in the evening we went with our neighbors, karl and christine and their cute kiddos to try out flat bread and to see big hero 6. we absolutely loved this movie! you should go see it. in between it all i got shit done at the house. yay saturday!

 //vickie gave gussy some of her homemade pumpkin doggy treats. he is a fan!
 //kimberly and i ate greek at aristo's. dolmathes are my fave!
//and hello double maple, vegan, gluten free cookie sandwich! you were delicious.

have a good thursday lovers!



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