Wednesday, November 19, 2014

a creepy story about a naked peeping tom. i had to call the police.

i hope he froze his balls off...

it was about 9:00 on sunday night and i decided to do one of my hiit workouts(have you ever heard of fitness blender?). i have a really big front room and there is a large open area that is perfect for these workouts. i pull up the video on my kindle and set it on the wall cabinet and do my thang. o was on the couch reading and gus was hanging out on the rug. they were both falling asleep so they headed to the bedroom about half way through my routine.

then i got to the cool down. i moved over to one of the posts in my entry way to do some calf stretches when someone knocked a few times on my big entry way windows. it scared me and i could see someone out there and i just assumed it was one of neighbors saying hi! i walked right up to the window(they are full length, ground to ceiling)and put my face and hands up to glass so i could see out and there he was. a man. buck naked. watching me. he was in my flower bed right next to the window. i had a "holy shit" moment and then i immediately headed to tell o.

he freaked. threw on his clothes and told me to call the police. he went outside to look for the dude. i know, not a good idea. anyway, the police were awesome. they showed up right away with spotlights searching the neighborhood. they filed a report and checked everything and made follow up calls.

not cool. the paranoia has set in. looking over my shoulder when i run. making o watch me walk out and get in the car. mace in hand.

the thing is, how long has he been watching? is he just some random perv? harmless? or does he live close by and see me coming and going? surely he saw the police come looking for him and hopefully that will be deterrent.

looking out your window and seeing a strangers face staring back at you and then realizing he is naked and holding on to himself is seriously disturbing.


be safe.



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  1. CREEPY is right. Sorry about that, Cyrie. I wish Gus had attacked him.