Thursday, October 16, 2014

since we last talked...

i missed the grand canyon running rim to rim trip.

i found out that i am very anemic. which explains a lot about the last few months. and it's nice to know i am not crazy. i knew something was wrong. imagine how much better i could have raced! damn. we are working on fixing it, but it won't be fast.

i made the best loaves gluten free/diary free pumpkin bread in the history of the world.

i am lifting heavier weights than i have ever been able to before. getting strong. now if we can just get some oxygen to my muscles! i never thought that weight training would be something i would enjoy, but i really do.

i put up halloween decorations. it's all festive and stuff. bought these.

went on a night trail run with the full mooners and we beat the moon to the top and we sat on the rocks and watch it rise!

took care of o while he had the flu for a week.

we have been looking forward to the new tv on the radio album coming out. another song was released and it is really good. careful you.

my sister, angie, will be coming into town tonight and she will stay with us! i will have tonight and the day tomorrow to spend with her. yay for sisters!

i fly to chicago tomorrow night for a few days to attend ophthalmic imaging conferences. should be good.

hope all is well in your universe lovers!



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