Tuesday, October 7, 2014

north face endurance challenge //\\ i ran my first mountain marathon

i was totally nervous about running this race. my runs have not been going fabulously leading up to this race and i was worried i wouldn't have a good day or even finish. but, it turned out to be a great day and now i wish i would have taken the downhill portions faster!

the race started and ended at the park city ski resort. the weather was perfect. it was chilly starting out, but that little jacket came off about 2 miles in along with the gloves. the course was beautiful and the trees were neon. i didn't stop to take any pictures though. i did have to stop and pee twice:-)

at the aid stations i only drank coke and ate boiled red potato pieces dipped in salt. i didn't quite eat the whole package of pro bar energy chews in my side pocket and hydrated with just water and my stomach held up nicely. oh, and a few skittles that tasted mighty fine.

the elevation gain was just over 6,400 feet with total elevation change of 12,822 ft. the race started at 7,000 feet with the highest point at approx 10,000 feet. it all felt quite runnable. you can see the course map here

i came in 4th in my division, 8th woman and 27th overall. it was a fun day!

sweet dreams lovers. toodles for now...



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