Monday, October 27, 2014


let's play a game. it's called, guess who is anemic in this photograph? oh never mind. that would be too boring. i look like a ghost! i was in chicago from friday to monday last week to take courses at the american academy of ophthalmology. i am required to have a certain amount of continuing education credits each year to keep my certifications current for the imaging i do. mel got to come for a few days too to take the exam! we shacked up for the weekend. we were able to meet up with our friend julia for a long, delicious lunch. we were also able to have breakfast one morning with our friend akbar. it is so fun to catch up with good friends that you don't see often enough.

it wasn't a great trip. i didn't feel very good and knowing that my sister was in salt lake and i couldn't be there with her bummed me out. thank goodness i had mel to keep me company! i didn't even take any good photos:-(



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