Tuesday, October 28, 2014


this is the most beautiful, warm october i can remember.
i got my garden and pond all cleaned out, trimmed and raked up before the snow falls.
o started installing the trim around the bottom of the kitchen cabinets. he finished the island on saturday. it looks great!
i have been running with vickie. i am talking her in to running red hot with me this year!
my doctor has me on lots of iron. i am a lucky girl to have a great team taking care of my health.
i am lifting lots of weights and getting stronger.
i took my little sister, kimberly, to thriller at kingsbury hall saturday night. we had a great time!
i have been making up new soup recipes and eating lots of soup.
i made some tiny little bracelets for a friend who is having a baby girl soon.
i started watching gilmore girls on netflix.
looking forward to voting.
i have been painting my fingernails black.
i have some new spots. they had me email pictures. i have to go in to see my oncologist next week. i hope they are something else and that they go away before the appointment.
remember a long, long time ago when i bought that vintage chair and had it recovered for my front room and then i didn't like the way it looked in the spot next to my fire place because it looked too much like an office chair because of the base? deep breath. well, i had my brother jordi weld pin hair legs for it and he sent me a picture of it finished and from what i can tell it looks rad. i will get it from him at thanksgiving.
on yesterday mornings run someone ran by me in the opposite direction and said, "hey cyrie." it was dark and i didn't see who it was and it is driving me crazy!
i came into work today wearing a blue and white striped button up shirt. apparently so did every man that works at the moran eye center. just call me bob.

here's me and a painted horse.

toodles for now lovers.



ps i promise to take better pictures and have better content on this here blog real soon!

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