Wednesday, September 24, 2014

running, baking, soup making

 putting lots of miles on the legs. best time of year to be running on trails! this is city creek.
polished off the rest of the vegetables from my moms garden for lunch

friday night i baked gf/dairy free tart cherry almond cookies. i took them outside and shared them with the neighbors while they were warm and melty. i also made roasted butternut squash soup. and, yum.
vick and i put 15 miles on our legs running in corner canyon saturday morning. can you see lone peak?! she is a machine. we did 5 miles around liberty park sunday morning to shake those legs out.

i took my little up to oktoberfest at snowbird. we rode the tram and it rained and snowed and they had to switch to diesel power. we ate a bratwurst and some sauerkraut. she had never been up little cottonwood canyon before! so this was all new stuff for her! she loved it all except for the sauerkraut. that's ok though, i polished it of easily!

gussy soaking up the last of the summer rays.



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