Tuesday, September 2, 2014

roller coasters and other things...

this is pretty much the only photo i took this weekend! did you know i love riding roller coasters? i do.

i got in a couple of good trail runs at snowbird and on the shoreline, worked on my yard, went with o to lagoon for the moran summer party, and made a couple of necklaces among various other chores and such. but, one of the highlights of my weekend was the movie i took myself to last night. i went and saw the hundred foot journey   i loved everything about this movie! i highly recommend it. just don't go to it hungry like i did.

i have a lot going on this week so it was nice to have the day yesterday. i meet the little sister i have been matched with and will mentor tonight along with the family! i am nervous/excited. i hope we hit it off. i won't be able to talk here about any specific details because of confidentiality, but i will love sharing some appropriate bits and pieces of the experience with you.

tomorrow i am able to attend a women's sex and gender research conference here at the university of utah which is just something i am looking forward to:-)

thursday i have a visit with my oncologist after a 3 month hiatus.

i signed up for the north face endurance challenge trail marathon today. i am still  not sure i will be able to run that far because of my ankle, but i got a big discount on the entry fee and decided to just sign up and if i am not preforming well and feeling good then c'est la vie.

my mom sent me this fun surprise in the mail!!! i love it.

i hope your week is off to a good start!  be compassionate!



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