Tuesday, September 16, 2014

fall is in the air

i had a really good weekend. it started on friday night dining alfresco with neighbors in karl's front yard to celebrate the birthdays of karl and lehua and afterward a couple of us gals went for a late night stroll around liberty park a couple of times with the pooches(too bad gussy can't go on walks anymore. poor little fella).

saturday morning vickie and i got 12.5 miles of trail running in. we never ever run out of things to talk about. love her. i went home and spent a couple of hours in the kitchen. i made a big pot of chili and used a bunch of the tomatoes my mom gave me from her garden. while that was simmering away i used the zucchini she gave me and made two loaves a gf zucchini bread! mmmmmmm. then i met back up with vickie and her friends at the 9th and 9th street fair. boy was it hot out!

sunday was church and o and i bbq'd and chilled on the back porch and i went for my bi-weekly massage.

i have been super bad about taking any pictures lately. i will be better! that creeper above was hanging out on my dirty dining room window on saturday. i think he wanted to come in for some chili and zucchini bread.

hope your week is starting out stellar lovers.



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