Tuesday, August 12, 2014

mount superior //\\ stay cation part II

 cardiff pass looking up at flagstaff peak

friday i headed up to alta and made my way up mount superior via cardiff pass. the flowers were so pretty on the hike up to the pass! you are on the ridge looking down in to big cottonwood on one side and little cottonwood on the other the rest of the way and then you start climbing and scrambling your way to the top being very careful to have a firm grip and a steady foot placement because it is steep and technical and if you fall...this is a rugged beautiful mountain. you are very, very exposed the whole time. fun and nerve racking at the same time;-)

friday night i took myself on a date. dinner at whole foods(i know, fancy), then i went and saw boyhood at the broadway and then i went for a little drive and listened to some music and went home to bed.

it was a very solitary day. good thing i'm not scared of being alone.



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