Tuesday, August 12, 2014

mount olympus //\\ mountain stay cation part III

 found another heart shaped rock! the other one i have is from mount raymond.

i am a lucky girl to have these mountains as my back yard! i love mount olypmus. i went up on saturday morning. the air was grody. it. was. hot. i dank more than 2 liters of water before i was at the bottom.

i may or may not have had a minor girls gone wild moment at the top. there was a group of female twenty somethings and they wanted a group topless photo(them facing the city) and they asked me to take it. sure. they got their tops back on and said, "now it's your turn." i thought, what the heck, this my last week of being 35! so yes, there is a topless photo of me(from behind) with my arms open wide standing on top of the mountain flashing salt lake city. don't judge me. it was very liberating. i text it to o(no one else will ever see it) and he asked who took it. of course i replied that it was a group of hot frat boys. of course. inappropriate.

when i got home i finished sanding and oiling the mirror we build and it turned out so pretty. o put the hooks on it and hung it up and it looks awesome!

also, we have caught 22 mice in our yard since wednesday. sick. disgusting.



i'm blaming the moon.

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