Tuesday, August 12, 2014

mount baldy+hidden peak+mineral gulch = part I of my stay cation

i unpacked my backpack and put everything away. i didn't go to the wind rivers. bad weather. sad face emoji. i went to work on wednesday because there were lots of babies for me to image in the nicu's and i was kind of feeling sorry for myself. then i stopped feeling sorry for myself and decided i would still take thursday and friday off to be in the mountains on my own.

my self described mountain stay cation started on thursday. i headed up to the bird in the morning to kick things off. i cruised up hidden peak, then up mount baldy, then down into mineral gulch, then up the other side, then back down into mineral gulch, back up hidden peak and then back down the front to the resort 11 miles later. i immediately bought my stinky self a ticket to ride the mountain coaster and took a ride. the air was super cool that day and the sky was sunny and bright. perfect really.

then i headed home and made curry for dinner and it was soooooo delicious and we ate it on the bed while we watched something or other. i can't remember because the curry was too good.



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