Friday, August 15, 2014


family \\ we had the pleasure of attending the baptism of our nephew andrei on sunday. this is o's younger brother justin and the little man. afterward, we went over to justin and lia's beautiful home where lia's mom had prepared a gigantic romanian feast! it was truly delicious. she won't let you stop eating and then she makes you stay and talk for hours and she packs piles of to go boxes to take home.

crafting \\ i haven't made any jewelry for a long while. this weekend i made, remade and fixed a few pieces for a friend of mine. i used onyx, jade, turquoise, carnelian, peridot...she is coming over tonight to pick them up. i left out all of my beads and tools because i have a couple of things in mind to make for myself. i also made a couple of cute bracelets(one has little moons with faces)for harper and i will give those to her today when she comes with her daddy to pick mel and i up from work.
 homemade \\ our little project finally hung up and in use. we had the mirror put in here. we built it together!

recipe \\ i made the oh she glows quinoa cakes last night for dinner and it was super tasty! modifications - i used eggs instead of flax and i seasoned and roasted my sweat potatoes and then lightly mashed them instead of finely grating them. they really are super easy and delicious. o loved them. i told him afterward that there was kale in it and he wanted more!

we had tickets to go hear beck and future island play last night, but we just weren't feeling like going at all. our neighbor karl text us and called us lame! it's true;-)

i am racing at solitude in the morning. yikes. my ankle is far from healed and painful so i will have to be very careful. it has definitely slowed me down. i hope to be feeling energetic and have a good fun race. and who am i kidding, i want to beat that lady who eludes me! i am running the 11 mile distance this time.

this is my last weekend of being 35. holy crap.

hope your weekend is adventurous and fun! eat dark chocolate, go skinny dipping, and buy some new lingerie! or whatever.



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