Tuesday, August 19, 2014

36 | my brother says i am on the death slide to 40

i was born // this leo turned 36 years old yesterday. i ran and saw the hot pink sunrise and then i worked and went to dinner with o and friends. o gave me a card that made me laugh out loud and a nice gift. mel bought me lunch, made me the most tasty grain/diary free chocolate chip cookies(made out of beans, dates, pb!) and gave me two new books to read! sunday night lehua and christine put together a fabulous mexican front yard feast to celebrate both mine and marissa's birthdays! i tell ya, good peeps! thanks everyone! oh, and thanks to the person that left the pretty plant on my front porch?

i had the pleasure of racing against deb again on saturday. she is a better runner than me for sure, but guess what? i finally beat her! i didn't get any points for the day because i came in 4th. deb scored the most points overall and won the series. she is awesome and so nice and no one deserved to win more! i hope to run with her more before the season is over.

 i made it to the farmers market for the first time this summer on saturday. i came home with string beans, peaches, tomatoes, onions, zucchini, squash, eggplant, radish salsa, dried tart cherries...i baked a delicious peach crisp and o ate his with cream on it! i roasted the eggplant and some of the squash and made a dip, but it turned out really bitter. i didn't know to soak the eggplant before roasting it. next time.
 i also had the best pulled pork i have ever tasted while i was at the farmers market for lunch.
 and i do not recommend the cricket bar. it tastes so weird. o agreed.
 these plums. they smell and taste amazing. plus, they are pretty. i want to make some freezer jam.

oooh, and some birthday bling made by the neighbor kiddos just for me. thanks jack and sophie!

i've been sporting a yucky cold since saturday and it seems to be taking up residence in my chest today. what is with this nastiness?

hope your week is starting off happy lovers.



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