Tuesday, July 22, 2014

oh hey! it's been a while...

tv on the radio // o and i went and heard them play thursday night

maybird gulch // my trail run on saturday morning in little cottonwood canyon. i sprained my ankle bad for the first time ever. can you believe i have gone this long without spraining it? it is fat and puffy and bruised and generally sad looking. i had a fast, energetic run up and rolled it hard at the very top when i turned around and started running down. it was a steep section full of rocks and i was coming down at sort of a side angle. oops. i saw a marmot and a hen on the trail:) bonus.

snowbird // after my run, i headed up the road to see my friend, mark, finish the speedgoat race. i hung out under the trader joe's tent with my friends in the shade while my ankle swelled up like a balloon. it was bloody hot on saturday. i was so happy that anna frost won for the women. she is my fave. she is so strong and didn't even look tired. the turn out at the race was much better than last year and they had it set up differently at the finish line and i think it was a big improvement.

back porch // sunday morning breakfast
wild rice cakes
avocado with pink sea salt
crushed raspberries with chia seeds and pb underneath
plain kefir

i had one of the best massages ever over the weekend. oh man it was good and it was 80 minutes long!

i lifted so many weights at the gym last night my arms feel like they may fall off today. hurts so good.

i was a total loner at the track this morning, but it was ok because i needed to take it light and easy on the ankle.

i may go backpacking in the wind rivers in august! i just need to see if i can get the days off. and, i might be a pacer for brad at the run rabbit run race in steamboat springs in september. i am also thinking about signing up for the north face endurance challenge trail marathon in october which is the week before i go to the grand canyon and then the next week i will go to chicago for aao where they will be presenting the results of the eROP study. yowza!

i can't believe july is nearly over. next thing you know it will be christmas again...

hope your week is off to a happy start my lovers!



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