Monday, July 28, 2014

mount nebo //\\ the highest peak in the wasatch front

i had the day off on july 24th for pioneer day, so i decided get on top of mount nebo and out of my crazy neighborhood and away from all the people. ya, i live near liberty park. need i say more?

i approached from the north and started from the mona pole trail head, which is on the west side. it took me about 1 hour and 45 minutes to get to the trail head from my house in downtown salt lake city. you drive on a scenic byway for 25 miles after going through the town of payson and it is really pretty, but winding and slow:) there were only a handful of people on the trail and i had the top of the mountain all to myself. there is a fantastic amount of ridge walking and some hands down scrambling to get to the top and it is steep. i saw some awesome sea shell fossils right near the top that i may have missed had i not been scrambling. i had a great time and finished the round trip in just under 4 hours with my still very swollen sprained ankle. i was stepping gingerly for sure as to not re-injure it. anyway, i have been wanting to go and so i finally did!

in the evening we had the annual 24th of july bbq with all of our neighbors at emmett and marissa's. we did fireworks and stayed up late having a great time like always.

happy monday and sweet dreams lovers!




  1. Lovely shots! I've never made that hike, but *really should*.

  2. Thanks! I highly recommend it!