Thursday, July 3, 2014

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scenes from a fabulous evening trail run to dog lake tuesday night in millcreek canyon. speed training at the track was cancelled so i had my running stuff and a nuun tab with me and was able to head up straight after work. yay!


carrots // steamed and stirred with honey, coconut oil, pink sea salt, pepper and fresh dill to go with dinner last night. thank goodness because the rest of dinner was a total dud.

i am so excited to have a longer weekend! my sister jules and her family are supposed to stay with us at some point this weekend, but their travel plans aren't going according to schedule. i really hope to see them! i plan to spend time on mountain trails and would love to make a couple of new recipes, bbq with neighbors, go for a swim, finish our mirror project, ride my bike, go on a motorcycle ride, watch a movie...fireworks of course!

i hope you have a safe and happy holiday weekend! i am so happy to be free!



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