Wednesday, June 11, 2014

scenes from a fabulous weekend

holy hell! the last few days have been pure crazy at work!
 the three amigos
i ran the 1st of the 3 race solitude trail series put on by vigor saturday morning. remember how i won the series last year!? that was fun.
i ran the 5 mile with 1500 feet of elevation gain saturday. the woman that beat me finished in 50:28.3. got some speeding up to do! she was way cool and we talked for a while. she is a mountain bike racer with those buff legs. anyway, i am signed up for the 8 mile in july and the 11 mile in august and she is going to sign up for the same so we can battle it out!

the honeysuckle on the fence by our back porch is smelling amazing and swarming with big, fat bumble bees. thanks for planting it lehua! both lehua and i planted some along our fence in the back back yard a few weeks ago // some hammock time in my pj's sunday morning.

scenes from a fabulous trail run in mill a (gobblers knob and mount raymond) sunday after church // dirty legs and feet = happiness. it was super green with tons of flowers and just lush with the good green stuffs.

mel and i had dinner and saw the fault in our stars. i really liked it and it followed the book well. they picked good actors for the characters.

o installed a new vanity, sink and plumbing in our basement bathroom. little by little that whole bathroom is being replace even though it is at the bottom of the house remodel to do list, but the plumbing had to be redone so...

i planted some perennial seeds in my beds that i can look forward to their blooms next year!

and the best part, lots of meals on the porch with neighbors:)

happy hump day lovers!



ps i tried a new treat recipe last night, but i haven't tasted it yet so stay tunned...

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