Wednesday, June 4, 2014

happy hump day

S U N R I S E // this is what i saw when i looked out my bed room window this morning. it was a nice beginning to a very busy, hectic day mostly spent in the nicu's imaging. now i have piles of images to sift through, download, upload.........

H A M M O C K // i rode my bike to the book store a couple night a go and bought 2 new books. unbroken and the opposite of loneliness. now i am going to read them in my back back yard. you know, the one that is encompassed by hedgy the hedge. pretty sure there was a coon back there with me on monday night. also, i started headspace and in the hammock in the quietness is the perfect place to do it. because of this gal.
 G U S // when i came in from said hammock to go to bed, this was the scene. cuteness overload.

i spontaneously took the afternoon off yesterday and made a quick trip down to price. i have that chair that i had re upholstered but hate the base and stand. my parents are headed to st george this weekend so my dad can ride his trials bike in the utah summer games and they are taking it down to my brother, jordi, so he can weld some new legs and a base for it! yay. my mom made me stuffed peppers and my aunt and uncle were there visiting, so we got to hang out and catch up for a couple of hours before i headed home.

only 3 days off of prednisone and my skin is already going up in flames. plus, i am finding myself more and more self conscious of the changes in the way my skin looks. boo.

for the full moon run this month, the full mooners are running this race. one of our runners has a husband with end stage cancer and he had chemo with dov.

i feel a bit zombie - ish today. i am making protein smoothies for dinner, going for a short trail run, and going to bed as early as possible.

happy hump day lovers! stay positive and make sure to notice things like the sunrise.



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