Friday, June 20, 2014

friday // it's almost summer!

happy summer solstice tomorrow! longest day of the year. i will celebrate by taking myself up a mountain. duh.

i made these peppermint patties from worth every chew. go make them now! nom nom nom.

hello beautiful.

o and i are going to build a big mirror frame out of hickory this weekend. finally.

 my copy of grand budapest motel came in the mail this week.

these running shorts are my fave. plus, the gray ones have a hot pink zipper in the back. bonus.

my yoga teacher totally mixed it up last night. new music and new moves. my bod liked it.

how do you keep your whites white? i'm serious. i have yet to figure this out.

i must purchase one of her moon prints to hang above our bed. drool.

i am ready to go home, take off my bra, make pizza and work in my yard and lay in the hammock. you?

have a sunny and adventurous weekend!



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