Thursday, June 26, 2014

backyard camp out + a project finished in the garage and the mystery of the empty peanut shells solved

sunday night we barbecued and did some movie watching in our new tent in the back back yard. the lego movie is too funny. that batman...i tell ya.

we (by that, i mean mostly o) cleared out a huge wood pile in the corner of our garage that went from floor to ceiling on saturday afternoon and hung up the bikes! ahhhh. i love clean organized spaces so much. also, there were stinky little mice living under that wood pile with little beds made of shredded news paper, dried up weeds and peanut shells. which explains why i sometimes find empty peanut shells in my yard. also, where did they go to get them? i have never bought peanuts in shells in my life, ever. clever little bastards. i kept picturing some weird stranger man standing in my yard watching us through the windows while shelling peanuts and eating them. go figure.

i heart 60's oldies. just sayin.



ps i feel a little relieved that it was the mice and not the weirdo.

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