Monday, June 30, 2014

a trail // a rock chuck // a project in the geerage // a bowl of cherries. a weekend.

 i mean, hello white pine lake. could you be any more beautiful? me thinks no.

 i made a fast friend.

 making our big hickory mirror // i was cutting wood with table saw like a champ. plus, i think o made me stand on the other side of the planer as he fed the wood through on purpose because he new it would spit sawdust in my face the entire time. evil.

yes, they were as delicious as they look. i put them in our sunday morning smoothie with mango, apple, strawberry, blueberry, orange and lemon. woe mama!

we saw malificent on friday night and it was really good. it was tricky sneaking in my coconut curry, o's grilled cheese, a bag of popcorn and some dp. the backpack i carried must have weighed half what i do and you could probably smell the curry from a mile away and i'm sure they thought i was an idiot. it was damn satisfying though.

we fit in yard work, house cleaning, laundry washing, grocery shopping, motorcycle riding and porch reading in there somewhere too...

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