Tuesday, June 17, 2014

a semi failed camping trip + scenes from a trail run + a picture of my delicious omelet = a weekend

i got up super early on saturday morning and headed up big cottonwood canyon for a trail run. it was chill-a. i felt energetic and my legs felt light! i headed to flagstaff peak via days fork. i made it about 500 feet shy of the top. there was snow pack and it got super windy(i was without gloves or a hat and wearing shorts) and since i was alone and there was no other soul on the trail, i decided to turn around. i had a fantastic run though! i will go back up next month. this is a trail i enjoy because for some reason not many people are on it and it is really pretty. however, in the winter it seems to be a very popular trail. i like to go snowshoeing up there.

are you super jeal of this setup? me too.

we went on harper's first camping trip ever on saturday! we played and bbq'd and went for a walk and made smore's by the fire and it was fun. then it was a rough night with lots of crying, but she eventually fell asleep and made it through. o however, did not. we had to pack up and leave in the middle of the night because he got some nasty gi bug and was miserable. so when mel and moses got up in the morning and we were gone, they thought we left because of harper! i had sent mel a text when were leaving, but her phone was dead. oh man, sometimes things don't work out the way you plan. but! we all pulled through. we love little harper and will go camping with her again and next time it will be perfect:)

i pretty much didn't see o all day sunday. he was in the basement sleeping and barfing. i made myself an omelet with mushrooms, spinach, red onion and sun dried tomatoes and i ate it in ma bed.

i went to my father in law's for a father's day bbq sunday night and hung out with o's brothers and their families. then i came home and called my own dad while i laid in the hammock.

the end.



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