Thursday, May 22, 2014

thursday//music//smoothies and such

guess who's coming to play in salt lake city this summer? TV ON THE RADIO! they are in my top ten all time favorite bands and every time i hear them play live(which is many times by now) i love them more. and  twin shadow will be joining them. what the what!? a fun show to look forward to this summer my friends.

here, listen to the dear science album and enjoy the rest of your thursday while you're at it...

if you are looking for a great interval workout to do at home, this is a great one that i do a lot for cross training.

the porch is coming together nicely. we have barbecued and eaten dinner out there the last couple of nights and it is quite fabulous i must say. the only thing i have left to do is string up the lights under the porch and hang some kind of a pretty lantern from the center.  o has been loving reading in the hammock he hung in the very back. i need to snap a photo.

last night i made my hot and sweet bbq sauce and we grilled chicken and had fresh green beans that i steamed lightly and then sauteed with mushrooms, garlic, dill and olive oil. plus, a smoothie.

 don't crowd the mushrooms friends.

let me just tell you how happy i am that it is officially smoothie season. they are kind of the best. here's what i put in the one we had last night for dessert...

bottom layer//
frozen banana
unsweetened kefir

second layer//
chia seeds

third layer//
frozen banana

on top//
raw unsweetened coconut

and yes, it was heaven in my mouth. i keep both sliced and whole peeled bananas in the freezer at all times. they are the perfect summer snack. a couple of frozen banana slice with a piece of super dark chocolate and a dollop of pb before a run is perfection i say.

i think it is time to have the ladies over for late night cards, food and shenanigans.

i am beyond ready for the long weekend coming up and to get away. this week has been weird and these steroids are wreaking havoc on my already poor sleep. boo. yoga tonight to get me centered:)

well, anyway...happy thursday lovers.



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