Tuesday, May 20, 2014

hi // scenes from the weekend and stuff

well hey there lovers!
our weekend was all about yard work. we got hedgy trimmed as best we could. it is such a big hedge that we can't get to it all! i need to take a picture. lehua and i worked on our areas along our back fence and laid out the plants the way we want them configured. i still have some clearing to do before i get them in the ground. i'm hoping to work on that tonight before yoga.

i purchased all new furniture for our back porch saturday night! i got it all put together on sunday and we love it. i need to get the twinkle lights up and i need to pot the plants i bought for my hanging pots and get them up, and o finally hung up our hammock. the pond and fountain are up and running and our yard is slowing becoming an oasis. so if you can't find me...

i made it up to lake blanche sunday after church. it was beautiful and there was snow starting about a mile down from the lake. i ran fast all the way down except i found a steep little shoot near the top just off the trail and i slid down on my butt and it was pretty much awesome.

look! my little cactus has a crazy orange flower growing out the side of it and there is another little bud next to it now about to open. funny little guy.

i am addicted to mug cakes. they are so easy and quick to make for breakfast. it is gluten, diary, nut and soy free.

one egg
half a banana mashed
about 1 tsp gluten free pancake mix(red mill) or you could do coconut flour or oat flour

i mix it with an emulsion blender until it is foamy. spray the inside of a large mug with coconut oil and pour the egg mixture in. it takes about  a minute and a half to two minutes to cook in the microwave. the one in the picture above was my first try and i under cooked it a little. the rest of the ones i have made have come out perfectly molded! i like to put raspberries, blueberries, chia seeds and raw unsweetened coconut on the top. it is delicious. i have also made it with the blueberries mixed into the batter and then they are warm and juicy. there are so many variations you could try with this. i'm thinking raw cacao powder and cacao nibs. mmm.

i still have more paper work to fill out for the big sister program and then interviews. yikes!

i started a round of steroids saturday morning to see if it would help my colon inflammation and pain. i feel like the pain is waning slowly and i am less swollen. i feel the most difference today. man those steroids give you an upset stomach and burning in your gut and esophagus like nobodies business though. i really really hope this helps get things under control for me because i am very discouraged about this.

my parents were up here for an appointment yesterday so we went out for breakfast and then they dropped me off at work. it was nice and my dad was able to do a bid for a kitchen for one of my neighbors.

well, anyway...hope your tuesday is lookin real good!




  1. I am going to try that mug cake, yum. Would it work with regular flour or almond flour or brown rice flour? that is what I have on hand. Those pictures are all awesome!!!! I hope you start feeling better!

  2. hey jules! i'm sure any of those flours would work. Or none for that matter!