Wednesday, May 28, 2014

great basin national park //\\ installment II

W H E E L E R P E A K & L E X I N G T O N A R C H

^^^view on my way up the mountain. swoon.

^^mountain top selfie
^had a cool old dude with big turquoise earrings in both ears snap my photo

^^^views from the top

^^^where i found o reading his book by the lake on my way back down the mountain!

crazy, weird limestone cliffs and burnt trees

 ^some weirdo loose in the wilderness

 ^^^lexington arch

saturday morning we woke up early and had breakfast, got in a huge fight and then headed up to the trail head. wheeler peak is a beautiful mountain that has an elevation of 13,063 feet. o dropped me off at the parking lot at 10,000 ft and i speed up the mountain. i ran until it was too rocky/snowy. there is a lake about a mile hike in that would be a great family hike because young kids could do it and you have those beautiful views of the peak. anyway, there was some break through on my way up, but not too much. i had my yak tracks in my pack just in case and didn't use them. coming down was too much fun. i ran the entire way and did some super fun sliding on the snow. there was one short section where i was breaking through really bad because it had warmed up and i have lots of cuts on my legs from the ice, but i didn't care a bit. when i got down to the lake o was up in a tree reading and it was super funny. i packed us a lunch in the morning so we ate that when we got back to the car. yay.

next we went straight to the little grocery store for a cold diet dp and some ice. then, we headed to the place we were told not to go. there was a wild fire where lexington arch is and the road and trail are damaged. i think they want to discourage people from getting lost or stuck which is understandable, but i wasn't going to leave without seeing this limestone arch! we did have to use our four wheel drive and could only get so far before we had to pull over and start finding our way hiking. we went a mile and a half before we found the burnt out trail head and then it was just over a mile up toward some crazy limestone cliffs and you turn the corner and suddenly there is this gigantic fortress!  it took my breath away and i got crazy excited when i saw it because it was way more than i expected. it was really hard to get a photo because of where the sun was. the whole place felt so weird like being on another planet. the landscape was burned and eerie and there wasn't a soul around but us. it was the highlight of the trip.

after that we headed out to dinner at the other restaurant and then drove in the pink sunset back to the ranch and watched spies like us on the kindle in bed. doesn't that just sound awesome? cause it was.

happy hump day. and stay tuned...



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