Tuesday, May 27, 2014

great basin national park //\\ installment I

poor fella

after a rough start, we arrived early afternoon on saturday and checked in at the hidden canyon ranch. it is quite removed and quite literally hidden down in a canyon in the desert and is very comfy, cozy and nice. the owners are super friendly and it is absolutely gorgeous down there.
then we headed up to the visitors center to buy tickets for the cave tour. they were all sold out until monday, which turned out to be quite perfect. so, we bought tickets for the 8:30 tour and we headed for some grub at the lectrolux cafe. we sat at the community table in the center and 4 other people ended up joining us. a woman from idaho who happens to be the archaeologist for city of rocks and 3 retired guys on a road bike tour trip from tacoma, washington. we talked for a couple of hours and they all shared a bottle of wine. the dudes were hilarious and told us great stories. good times.
then we headed back to the ranch and i went for a little solo walkabout on the cliffs above finding pretty rocks, flowers, lizards, deer and views.
i packed all the food and snacks i needed for the trip because especially in a place like this in the middle of no wheres, i may be hard pressed to find something i can eat that won't make me sick. if you go for a visit, i definitely recommend bringing some groceries. there are i think 3 places to eat and a couple of those places have a few grocery items. the ranch we stayed at did a breakfast every morning for guests. eggs, meat, pancakes, toast...the usual.
great basin national park is awesome. i loved it.

ok, this is all i have time to post today. stay tuned because this trip was awesome and the good stuff is still to come! yay!



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