Friday, May 2, 2014


i should be in the desert right now with orion canyoneering cable canyon, but i am not! i am at work right now because i couldn't get the day off. stinky old work. oh well, ya can't win em all right?

i need to start signing up for some summer races. fill up that calendar! my ribs are finally feeling much better.

i am loving the pearl izumi n2 trail runner so much.

and also, pink petals everywhere. yes.
my sister jules and her family have been re-stationed by the air force from san antonio, texas to clovis, new mexico. it is so ironic that they could have been stationed anywhere in the world and jules does not love texas and their new home will be barely over the border! literally as close to living in texas without actually living in texas as you can get. now both of my sisters will be living in new mexico. why can't they come to utah? why?

painted my nails coral and gold. pretty snazzy eh?

tomorrow is o's birthday. number 39! we will celebrate.

have a superb weekend lovers! enjoy the sunshine.



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