Wednesday, May 14, 2014

a few little somethings

this bug had a green salad for lunch

um, hello beautiful! i was off work an hour early on friday and had my running stuff with me. it was pouring rain all day, but the heavens opened just before it was time to leave work and i was one happy lady. i couldn't stop taking photos, because hello! i came home caked with mud. after i rinsed off in the shower we ordered thai with a few of our neighbors. after stuffing our faces, we walked around liberty park a couple of times and later on there was a card game and tea. it was a good day.

lehua, the boys and i went to the wasatch community garden plant sale on saturday morning and man was it chilly. we picked up some plants to plant along the fence we share in our backyards. i can't remember everything we got, but there were oriental poppies, honeysuckle, ornamental grass, we just need to get them planted this week! and we got to pet that owl, which is pretty much totally awesome.

  hello from gussy pants

and this stuffed, roasted red pepper i made for dinner last night was kind of delicious. chickpeas, black beans, tomato, garlic, onion, herbs, olive oil and butternut squash.

guess what? on my trail run last night, i encountered the biggest snake i have ever seen on the trail! i stopped and started laughing out loud because i couldn't believe it and i wanted someone else to come along so they could see it too. and damn it, i left my phone in the car so i didn't get a photo. i mean, i have run into and over a lot of snakes running and mountain biking, but never one this big. looked like it was probably a gofer snake.

it's a full moon today *) do something adventurous!

happy hump day.



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