Wednesday, May 7, 2014


we celebrated o's 39th birthday over the weekend. we have celebrated lots of birthdays together. i married him when he was a young, skinny 22 year old. wowza! 

i got up early saturday morning and made him a killer souffle' for breakfast and then he took a birthday nap. then i dipped the coconut macaroons i made friday night in dark chocolate and made a potato/asparagus/ egg salad to go with homemade sweet/spicy bbq sauce to eat with our burgers, chips and guacamole. i packed it all up and headed up mill creek canyon with the neighbors to grill burgers, eat lunch by the creek and go for a hike. the weather was awesome and we had a fun time. 

o drove up on the motorcycle so after we were done, he could head home and i could head up the canyon to trail run. i went up mount aire. i only saw 4 other people on the mountain, likely because the road is still closed so it is an extra 3 miles. it was pretty quiet and there was a breeze waking up all the trees.

when i got home we showered and stuffed the backpack with popcorn and headed to the movie. we saw the new spider man. it was entertaining, but not near as good as the first one.

i hope he had a happy birthday. he was certainly well fed:)

in other news, the stinky dog got a bath and we drank smoothies.

the end.



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  1. cool video, looks so fun and sounds so good, you are amazing with food.